Personal Protective Equipment

Produced and packed in ISO13485 certified environment and with HSA registration, the mask automation line in Sunningdale Tech is one of the first locally produced masks facility in Singapore, set up since early 2020. With production capacity of >4 m masks monthly, our proficient Engineering team and dedicated Quality and Operations teams are able to ensure high quality 3-ply masks produced within quick turnaround time frame.

With CE compliance and FDA registration, Sunningdale Tech surgical mask has high filtration capacity and fulfils EN14683 and ASTM F2100 requirements. Designed to provide maximum protection for the users, the outer hydrophobic layer repels liquid substances; whereas the middle filter layer is designed to provide protection against most airborne particles; and lastly, an inner hydrophilic layer that provides comfort and absorbs water, sweat etc.

With BFE and PFE >95%, our surgical masks can be used up to 2 years from production date.