Whatever your requirements, our Tooling & Moulding capabilities together with our secondary processes and assembly means we’ve got you covered.


Product design capabilities

Design for manufacturing consultancy

Precision thermoplastics mold manufacturing (10Ton to 1800Ton)

Liquid silicone mould (Flashless moulding)

Mould for Micro Moulding

Medical device tooling with full validation

High cavitation, fully interchangeable mould

- Rotary platen

- Automated parts transfer

- Rotating stack-90 degree or 180 degree
- Indexing

- 2K LSR; LSR + LSR, Thermoplastic + LSR

Multi layered stack mould

Complex technical component mould (ultra-performance engineering thermoplastics)

High speed thin wall moulds

Gas assisted moulds

- With 3K moulding

Reel to reel moulds


High cavitation, ultra precision injection moulding

Thin wall high speed moulding

Auto insert moulding

Multi-shot moulding Incorporating different materials and colors into a part

Decorative film insert moulding Ink transfer or formed hard films

Injection stretch blow moulding

Micro moulding

Gas-assisted moulding

Rapid heat cool moulding

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR)

Cleanroom moulding environment

Extrusion blow moulding

Secondary Processes

Automated spray painting

High precision laser etching machinery

Advanced silkscreen and tampo printing machinery

Hot stamping

Ultrasonic and Laser welding

Cleanroom environment
(100k and 10k)

Fully automated high precision assembly

Development of robotic assembly processes