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Sunningdale Tech has more than 200 designers and 10,000 sqm of mould manufacturing area in Singapore and China supporting no less than 2000 moulds fabricated annually.

Our fully integrated CAD/ CAM designers and highly experienced engineers are capable of transforming complex product designs to precision plastics using advanced computer aided design software. Mold Flow Analysis, FEA and 3D-Simulation all provide superior ESI and DFM services and our sophisticated mould designs are capable of producing plastics products that meet the requirements of the most stringent customers in the global arena. On-site concurrent consultancy provides even greater collaboration with clients and partners.

Sunningdale Tech‘s manufacturing facilities are well equipped with advanced tool room machinery and together with proven track records, system and highly trained staff, we manufacture high precision moulds that meet requirement of highest quality standards that will provide trouble-free, high-volume production for the life of the product.
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