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Sunningdale One-stop Solution
From mould design and fabrication to injection moulding and various complementary processes, Sunningdale Tech’s integrated approach ensures we exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our intergrated services include :

1. Design

During initial stages of product design, a cross functional team consisting of a mould designer, mould maker, project engineer, process engineer, QA and production engineer engage in extensive discussions with our customers to identify and communicate product requirements considerations on manufacturability.

The moulds are then designed in a computerised CAD program, then fed into a CAM software to design the manufacturing program to operate the CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines.

2. Tooling

Skilled machinists use the mould design on CNC machines to create the desired shape of the injection mould. Finished moulds are polished, assembled and tested and samples sent to customers for approval.

3. Injection Moulding

Upon approval of the mould, they are sent to plastic injection moulding facilities for production. Under the supervision of moulding engineers and technicians, resin is melted and injected under high pressure into the moulds, and solidified by coolants flowing through channels in the mould. Finished plastic parts are ejected or extracted by robot arms for packing or further processing by nimble fingered workers.

4. Decorative Finishing

Spray painting is done through our high speed automated spray painting machines, depending on our customers' technical specifications. The solvent or water-based paints can be controlled up to a tolerance of +/- 2 microns in thickness. Certified operators use precise laser beams to cut minuscule etchings from the surface of plastic panels so that lights can shine through clearly. Nd-YAG Laser Marking has wide applications in automotive and telecommunication. industries.

5. Assembly

Teams of efficient assembly operators gather various plastic and non-plastic components for assembling in several stations. During the process, stringent inspection at each stage of assembly ensures that products meet the customers' specifications.

6. Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team ensures the quality of our products through systems like the Vision Inspection System, Spectrophotometer, Statistical Process Control, Computer Aided Verification(CAV) System and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM1. All of our production facilities are QS-9000 or ISO/TS16949 certified, involving the development of fundamental quality systems that provide for continuous improvement, emphasising on defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.

7. Logistics

Our friendly customer service team will coordinate to ensure the finished products are then shipped out timely to our valued customers in all parts of the world.
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