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Consumer / IT/Environment
The Consumer / IT / Environment industry is a fast-moving and technology-driven sector. Sunningdale Tech manufactures plastic parts for many consumer products, including but not limited to smart cards, consumer electronics & peripherals, telecommunication keypads, eco-green products, etc.

With robust quality practices and a strong manufacturing system that yields the lowest scrap rate with the best quality standard, the Group strives to continuously meet the stringent quality and competitive costs expectation of this fast-paced and high-volume industry.

Working closely with our technology partners, we employ advanced manufacturing technologies, e.g. RHCM, spin-form moulding, etc to offer the newest products to the industry. Coupled with our manufacturing capabilities, Sunningdale Tech is well-positioned to tap on the growth opportunities in this sector.

We also take pride in our sophisticated high-speed spray painting and UV lines, tempo printing facilities and advanced laser etching equipment that can handle the high volume demand from our customers. Our focus is on producing niche components for the mid to highend market, offering superior surface finishing as well as rapid tooling to help reduce customers' time to market.

With years of experience serving some of the world's best and Fortune 500 companies in the IT consumer arena, the Group's collaboration with our customer to provide fully automated turnkey assembly operation of inkjet cartridges is a testament to our quality and engineering standards.
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